Automated Check-In Requests will simplify the check in process for you and your patients by going mobile! Here is a short video going over enabling Automated Check-In Request Notifications:

Automated Check-In Request Notifications

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Settings

  2. Select Practice Setup

  3. Go to Appointment Communication

  4. Scroll to Check-In Request Notifications

  5. To enable Automated Check-In Notifications, select the Check Box

  6. Enter in the number of minutes before the appointment that you would like the notification to be sent

  7. Allow Check-In from Only the Mobile App or from Mobile App & Text/Email by selecting the coordinating Bubble

  8. To require QR-code scan to check in with the Mobile App, select the Check Box

  9. To allow the appointment status to automatically update to HERE/ARRIVED in your Practice Management Software upon check in through Modento, select the Check Box

  10. Select Save once settings are complete

The Check-In Request Notification message content can be customized by accessing your Verbiage feature in Engagement [Modento]. To learn how to do this, click here.

For more information about Automated Appointment Communication, refer to the following article:

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