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Learn how to set up Recall Reminders in Engagement using LocalMed, another third-party scheduling service, or your practice phone number

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Automated Recall Reminders in Engagement will automatically send messages to patients that are unscheduled for their hygiene appointment. Simply add your LocalMed scheduling URL link (or another third-party service link), then set the cadence and frequency of reminder messages for your patients and begin utilizing this time-saving feature in Engagement!

If you use Engagement Online Scheduling and would like to set up recall reminders, please click here.

Watch this short video below or follow along with our written step-by-step instructions to learn more!

Review Recall Reminders Verbiage

Before you enable Automated Recall Reminders, review your message verbiage and ensure that your reminder messages include all of the information that your patients need to successfully schedule for their next appointment.

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner

  2. Click on the Verbiage tab

  3. Scroll through the list of messages and click on the Hygiene recall section to display all available messages in text, email, and app format

  4. To edit a particular message version verbiage, click on the pencil icon

  5. Add the desired verbiage and placeholders, then click Save

  6. After you've reviewed the message verbiage set up in the Hygiene recall category, click on the Hygiene recall - past due section to display all available past due messages in text, email, and app format and make any desired changes by following the steps outlined above

Click here to learn more about customizing verbiage.

Enable Recall Reminders in Engagement Settings

Now that you've reviewed the verbiage for both Hygiene recall and Hygiene recall past due messages, you can enable these messages to be automatically sent out to patients who meet the automation triggers and include your LocalMed link for convenient scheduling.

To enable automated recall reminders:

  1. Access Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Go to Practice Setup, then click on the Recalls section

  3. Click to enable Automated hygiene recalls by selecting the checkbox

  4. Select the Delivery channel preference

  5. Next, add your LocalMed Online Scheduling URL link, or another third-party scheduling service URL link. If you do not include an online scheduling link here, it will autofill with the practice phone number. The scheduling link (or phone number) added here will automatically be included in the recall message sent to patients

    ๐Ÿ“Œ Important note for Engagement Online Scheduling users: If you utilize Engagement Online Scheduling, please click here to learn how to set up automated recall reminders.

  6. Customize the cadence of when the messages are delivered by entering:

    1. Number of weeks before the patient is due for hygiene for the first message to be sent

    2. Number of weeks after the last message was delivered that the Recall will repeat if the patient does not schedule after the first reminder

    3. Maximum number of Recall Messages to be sent to a patient that is Past Due

  7. You can also ignore patients that are past due for hygiene over a period of time by entering in the Number of Months in the field. This will ensure patients that are past due over a number of months do not receive a recall reminder

  8. Click Save when you have finished updating your Recall Reminder settings. Once saved, recall messages will begin to be sent to the applicable patients

How Do Recall Reminders Impact Currently Past Due Patients?

Reminders for patients that are past due will send out "X weeks" after Engagement Recall Reminders are enabled. "X weeks" is the number of weeks as entered in the Send first recall X weeks before due field during your set up of recall reminders.

The scheduling link provided to patients will only allow them to schedule on or after the date their hygiene is due, not before.

The criteria set in the Recall Reminder settings still apply to these past due patients. If a patient receives the maximum amount of recall reminder messages, they will be removed from the recall campaign. If a patient reaches the maximum amount of months past their hygiene due date, they will no longer receive recall reminders.

These settings ensure that your unscheduled hygiene patients that are already past due, still receive a notice to schedule.

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