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Analytics: Incremental Syncing vs. Nightly Sync
Analytics: Incremental Syncing vs. Nightly Sync

This article will discuss the differences between an Incremental Sync and Nightly Syncing

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Ordinarily, Dental Intelligence syncs with your Practice Management System each night, around 8PM. When we turn on more frequent updates we will instead grab the data and update it every few hours. It takes about 4 hours to process - that means there could be a delay between entering data into the Practice Management System and it showing up in Dental Intelligence. Dental Intelligence will still process a large nightly sync to capture all data within your Practice Management Software. Incremental Syncing does not upload as much data as the Nightly Sync.

Incremental Syncing Does Not make changes to the following data points in Dental Intelligence:

  • If Insurance Claims are opened or closed throughout the day, the incremental sync will not pull through these changes

  • Morning Huddle will not update throughout the day with incremental syncing

Another important consideration to be made is whether or not your hardware (server) and internet have the capacity to collect this data more frequently without disruption to your practice. Some practices with older servers may experience slowdowns within the Practice Management System after switching to Incremental Syncing.

Incremental Syncing must be enabled by one of our team members. Our support team can enable this & if for any reason you are not liking it or would like to switch back to nightly updates, this can be done at any time!

You can connect with our support team by clicking here!

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