Eaglesoft: Understanding How Adjustments Impact Dental Intelligence Data

Learn how to reconcile the data in Eaglesoft with data in Analytics

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Digging into Eaglesoft and Dental Intelligence Analytics reporting is like uncovering gold nuggets for managing your practice smoothly. When cross-referencing reports on both platforms, the key lies in leveraging equivalent sources to guarantee the utmost accuracy in reflecting your data. Rest assured, our rigorous testing of the information flow between Analytics and Eaglesoft fills us with unwavering confidence โ€“ the data integrity between these systems is not just reliable, but exceptionally accurate.

In this article, we'll review:

Adjustments in Eaglesoft

When you make adjustments in Eaglesoft, the change may be applied to one of the following categories:

  • Production

  • Collections

  • or Adjustments

When you make adjustments in Eaglesoft, be sure you categorize them to impact Adjustments. This way, your adjustments will be correctly cross-referenced within your Dental Intelligence software.

Example: If the adjustment made in Eaglesoft is categorized as Production, your gross production in Analytics will be reduced, reflecting the adjustment amounts. Reconciling your Eaglesoft adjustments as Adjustments will ensure that they are categorized accurately within Analytics.

To be able to reconcile data between Eaglesoft and Analytics, Eaglesoft reports will need to be filtered by "Other Range of Dates." Eaglesoft reports will need to be run at the same time you are reviewing Analytics data.

Statement from Eaglesoft about the End of Day Report

Here is an additional explanation according to Eaglesoft:

"Dental Intelligence customers will often ask why the information in the Eaglesoft End of Day report does not match what they see in Dental Intelligence. The answer is they are not designed to match because they serve two different purposes. However, they can be easily reconciled once you understand the differences."

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