We have released some exciting updates to Engagement [Modento]. These updates include:

  • Patient Chat "Show All Communication" setting to save on a user basis

  • Ability to include Procedure Type from the list of your Online Scheduling Practice-Level Services in your Automated Recall Reminders

  • LiveOps Timer to track the amount of waiting time for your patients

  • Patient Photos field can now be added to forms through the forms editor

  • Customize the Invite to Schedule verbiage (for the Engagement [Modento] Online Scheduling premium feature)

  • Block Scheduling now in Beta (for the Engagement [Modento] Online Scheduling)

Watch this short video to learn more about some of these features:

💥Important Note💥: Block Scheduling through Engagement [Modento] Online Scheduling is available in beta testing upon request

For more information about the features mentioned in the video above, refer to the following articles:

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