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Engagement: Online Scheduling Action Items Dashboard
Engagement: Online Scheduling Action Items Dashboard

This article will show you how to use Online Scheduling Action Items dashboard to manage patients with differing needs.

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Online scheduling can improve practice workflow, increase staff efficiency and boost patient satisfaction. The Action Items dashboard will help your practice manage patients with differing needs. Here you will see various lists of patients requiring appointments, including those who require immediate attention, those who are past due for hygiene visits, and those with missed appointments.

Using the Action Items Dashboard

  1. Within Engagement, access Online Scheduling

  2. Select Action Items

  3. Click on a specific category, the associated patient list will be displayed.

  4. Additional notes can be added by utilizing the pencil icon.

  5. To remove a patient from a list, the trash can icon may be selected.

Using the ASAP List

The ASAP tagging feature enables a seamless migration of any previously created ASAP tags utilizing tagging filters to the newly implemented purple ASAP tag. In cases where you have created more than one patient tag as ASAP, you can update your tags using bulk actions.

Note: If you add a patient into the ASAP category list, it will give them the permanent purple ASAP patient tag. To learn more about patient tagging, click here.

Add a Patient to the ASAP List

  1. Add a patient from the Action Items Dashboard

    1. Patients can also be added from your Practice Management Software to be automatically added to the Engagement ASAP list, reducing the risk of missing any patients. However, it's important to note that removing patients from the ASAP list will still require manual action.

  2. Search for the Patient to be added to the list

    1. Here, you can add:

      • Notes

      • Preferred provider

      • Preferred appointment time

  3. Preferences are recorded on your dashboard

Patients can also be tagged with the ASAP tag in the Patients page. Learn more here.

Print the ASAP List

In the event that you would like to print the ASAP List, simply click the checkbox to select all or multiple patients, then click Bulk Actions and Print ASAP list from the dropdown menu.

Using the Hygiene Past Due list

The overdue hygiene list helps keep track of patients who haven't had their hygiene appointments. This way, your dental practice can send appointment reminders in bulk, invitations to schedule online, and voicemail messages to these patients. You can also export the list for your records.

Note: Unlike the ASAP list, you cannot manually add patients to this list. The information is pulled the hygiene interval from your practice management software. Read more about hygiene intervals here.

Using the Broken Appointments List

The Broken Appointments list provides a comprehensive overview of patients who have missed or cancelled their scheduled appointments. This list enables your practice to keep an eye on patients requiring follow-up so that no appointment goes unnoticed.

Note: Unlike the ASAP list, you cannot manually add patients to this list. The information displayed on this list is drawn from your practice management software and includes all patients whose appointments have been cancelled and were scheduled to take place within the last 30 days. To avoid duplicity, appointments with a future scheduled date for the same purpose will not be included. In situations where an appointment is deleted and rescheduled, duplicates will be excluded to ensure accurate representation.

Additional Resources

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