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LiveOps®: Move Patients from Stage to Stage
LiveOps®: Move Patients from Stage to Stage

Learn how to move patients from arrival to checkout during their office visit journey in LiveOps®

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LiveOps® makes it easy and convenient to manage patients as they make their way through different stages in their appointment during their office visit. Each patient stage is full of important insights and helpful tools to make sure all of your appointments stay on track. Read on below to learn more about moving patients from stage to stage in LiveOps®.

Expected Patients Stage

The Expected Patients stage shows the patients expected to arrive for their appointment within the hour. If you'd prefer, you can change this view to display patients expected for the whole day. Click on the checkbox to select Whole day to view all patients for the day.

If a patient is running late or has not confirmed their appointment, a clock icon will show next to their patient bubble. Hover over icons to learn more about each patient's status.

Helpful Hint: Manually move patients from stage to stage by clicking on and dragging on their patient bubble.

Arrived Patients Stage

Once the patient has arrived at the office, they can now be moved to the Arrived Patients stage. If you're using Automated Check-In Requests with Engagement, the patients will automatically move from Expected to Arrived once the patient has completed the check-in process.

If a patient has any outstanding forms or documents that need to be completed, a paperwork icon will show next to their patient bubble. Hover over the paperwork icon to learn more about the documentation required for each patient.

If you need to resend forms to the patient for completion, click on the patient bubble and choose Forms. Click Prepare forms and consents from the dropdown menu to open the available patient forms and send to the patient.

  • Before sending, preview each form/consent by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

  • Choose from automated or manual consents. The green [+] icon next to each consent indicates that the consent has been setup correctly and is ready to be sent.

  • A yellow [+] icon indicates that the consent is not completely setup. Click on the [+] icon to add the necessary placeholders. Learn more about setting up automated consents here.

Seated Patients Stage

Once a patient is seated in the operatory, drag and release their patient bubble into the assigned operatory block in the Seated Patients stage.

Helpful Hint: When dragging and dropping a patient from Arrived to Seated, the patient's previously assigned operatory will be outlined in green. If you need to move the patient from their assigned operatory for any reason, simply drag their patient bubble to another column.

Check Out Area

Now that the patient's appointment is finished, they are ready to checkout and complete payment. Each patient must be manually moved from the Seated stage to the Check Out Area. Learn how to move patients to the Check Out Area here.

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