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LiveOps®: Prepare a Patient for Check Out
LiveOps®: Prepare a Patient for Check Out

Learn how to move a patient from the Seated stage to the Check Out Area in LiveOps®

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Once the patient has completed their appointment and is ready to check out, patients must be manually moved to the Check Out Area of LiveOps®.

Move a Seated Patient to the Check Out Area

To move a patient into the Check Out Area, follow these steps:

  1. Select the 3- dot menu by hovering over the patient bubble

  2. Click the Prepare for Check Out option

  3. If necessary, add a note or select an alert to provide additional information to your team members who will assist the patient during checkout

    1. Learn more about marking problematic patients here

    2. Learn more about modifying Check Out Area alerts in LiveOps® Settings here

  4. Select the Move to Check Out Area check box

  5. Click Send

  6. After clicking Send, the patient will show up in the Check Out Area. If you have added a note or alert, the patient icon will show a message bubble icon that indicates there are notes available for review

  7. Once in the Check Out Area, the patient will disappear automatically after one hour. To remove all patients from the check out area, select the File icon to clear the all patient icons.

A note about the Problematic Patient Alert

A patient can only be marked as problematic when moving from the Seated stage to the Check Out Area. Applying the Problematic Patient alert when moving a seated patient to the Check Out Area will prevent the selected patient from receiving a review request for the current appointment in progress.

The problematic patient status does not mark the patient as problematic permanently. If you need to opt a patient out of review requests and other communications permanently, click here to learn more.

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