LiveOps®: Update Seated Patient Status

Learn how to request help from a team member in LiveOps® & set a timer to track patient service wait time

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Once a patient has been manually or automatically moved to the Seated stage in the correct operatory, you can notify a provider or other team member that help is needed and set a timer to track the amount of time a patient waits to be seen.

Note: If you receive the error “Provider is missing in Operatory," please add Provider to Operatory in your Practice Management Software and make sure that Bridge is online and synced.

Request Assistance from Another Provider

  1. Select the 3-dot menu by hovering over the patients initials/profile picture

  2. Click the Doctor Needed, Anesthetics Needed, or Help Needed option

  3. Select which team member is needed

    1. Please note:

      • Only Doctors can be called to for the Doctor Needed option

      • Doctors and Hygienists can be called for the Anesthetics Needed option

      • Any team member can be called for the Help Needed option

  4. Fill in the Time they are needed by, or select the ASAP check box

  5. Add a Note if applicable

  6. Click Send

Set a Patient Wait Timer

When the Doctor Needed or Anesthetics Needed option is selected in LiveOps®, a wait timer will appear on the appointment in the Schedule view and count until it is dismissed. This timer helps track how long the patient has been waiting to be seen.

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