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Treatment Case Acceptance 2-Part Workshop Series
Treatment Case Acceptance 2-Part Workshop Series
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Dental Intelligence is proud to present an exciting TWO-PART workshop series all about increasing Treatment Case Acceptance in your practice.

In this workshop series, we will provide you with customized growth reports, filled with valuable insights into your practice's current performance. By the end of the series, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to enhance your practice's treatment acceptance rates and bring your practice in line with industry-standard benchmarks.

Part 1: Improve Case Acceptance

Hear from Emily Allred, your host and Product Expert, as well as Curtis Marshall, our Analytics Product Manager. Curtis is one of our founding members at Dental Intelligence and is an experienced dental practice owner.

Learn from Curtis’ insights to embrace the knowledge and resources necessary to enhance your practice's treatment acceptance rates.

Watch the recording below:

Part 2: Boost Treatment Acceptance

In addition to hearing from Emily Allred, our host and Product Expert, we'll again be joined by Curtis Marshall, our Analytics Product Manager, who will be leading a conversation on enhancing office workflows to boost case acceptance rates.

We're also honored to be joined by Benjamin Turnwald, DDS, who practices in suburban Chicago. In addition to leading a private fee for service practice he also teaches, speaks and mentors in various programs on practice management and comprehensive dentistry. He has been published in various publications including Spear Digest and Dental Economics. In 2021, he started Life Goals DDS which is a coaching program for dentists who want to work less, earn more, and have fun doing it.

To contact Dr. Turnwald or to learn more about coaching services, visit or email Follow him on Instagram @drbenturnwald.

Watch the recording below:

Bonus Session: Secrets to Treatment Acceptance with Genevieve Poppe

Watch our partner webinar featuring Genevieve Poppe, titled "Secrets of Treatment Acceptance." In this discussion about treatment acceptance, Genevieve delves into philosophies and strategies that foster team comprehension of their contribution to treatment acceptance.

Discover how bridging the divide between case acceptance percentage and case acceptance dollar percentage holds the transformative power to shift from a state of business to one of productivity. Watch the recorded session by clicking the button provided below.

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