LocalMed: Adjust Appointment Length in Eaglesoft

Learn how to adjust appointment time length in Eaglesoft for accuracy in LocalMed

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If you would like to adjust the length of the appointment options that show in LocalMed for your practice in Eaglesoft, follow the instructions below!

Adjust the Length of an Appointment

First, map appointment codes/ types in LocalMed

  1. Login to your LocalMed portal and select the Practice Overview tab

  2. From the LocalMed Connect module, navigate to the Appointment types connected section and click on the gear icon

  3. From the Appointment Types module on the right hand side, select Mapped

  4. Make note of each code/appointment type listed on the left hand side, which have been pulled from Eaglesoft (You'll need these codes in the next step)

Next, adjust the appointment length in Eaglesoft

Now that you know the appointment codes/types that you would like to adjust, follow the instructions below to change the appointment length in Eaglesoft:

  1. In Eaglesoft, select the Lists drop down menu

  2. Hover over the OnSchedule option, then click Appointment Types

  3. Click Edit

  4. Edit the Duration field, then click OK

  5. Restart the LocalMed Connect Service so the time will change for this Appointment Type in the Clients App

Click here to learn how to restart your LocalMed Connect Service.

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