Note: Only users with "admin rights" can add other users.

Below is a quick video tutorial: 👇 (COMING SOON: Updated with the new Settings page)

Go to Step 2 - Enter your Clinical Hours

Need additional info? See the information below:


Step-by-Step Instructions 

Hover over your initials in the bottom left corner and click on Settings:

You should automatically show up in Team Management, and then you can click Add Team Member and let the wizard walk you through it from there:

From there it will walk you through the process where you will select what roles the User has in the practice, what they should have access to, and finally what locations you want them added to (if you as the creator has admin access to multiple locations), lastly you'll associate any necessary Provider ID's to the User if they're a provider in the practice.

Lastly, click Send Invite in the bottom right hand corner. An email will be sent to the email address entered that will allow them to create a password. Once they have created a password, they will have access to Dental Intelligence!

Be Sure to add all your team members to Dental Intelligence! 😄

Congratulations on creating your practice's users! 👍🏼 The next step is Entering Clinical Hours for each of the providers!

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