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Analytics: Setting the NP Hygiene Reappointment % Goal
Analytics: Setting the NP Hygiene Reappointment % Goal

This article discusses why the New Patient Hygiene Reappointment % is critical to every practice.

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Most dental practices spend a lot of money on marketing and getting new patients in the door. Every one of those practices measure the number of New Patients they get every month. Very, very few practices measure any reappointment of those patients.

Why spend the money to bring in new patients if we are not going to keep them?

The doctors who see new patients should be keenly aware of this and work with their team to get every new patient preventative care as quickly as possible, on the day of their first visit if possible, and get them scheduled into their recare program. 

A practice should be getting 80-90% of the patients that come in scheduled into their Hygiene Recare program. 

Best Practice

Reappoint every patient before they leave the chair. Set this goal at 90% and hold the team accountable. 

Now that you know what to set this goal as, refer to the following article to learn how to set the NP Hygiene Re-Appointment % Goal:

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