Note: Do NOT delete the Quick fill list, Eaglesoft will erase all history of broken appointments

In Eaglesoft Breaking appointments happen when you Delete appointments in Eaglesoft in specific ways.

When you are Breaking an appointment there will be 3 options:

  • Cancelled – these will show up on the Cancellation metric in Dental Intel

  • Missed – these will show up on the No-Shows metric in Dental Intel

  • Neither – Will not be counted as broken on Dental Intel

IMPORTANT: If you want cancellations and no-shows to show up in our dashboard you must leave the ‘Add to QuickFill List’ option checked.

Breaking appointments through this process allows Dental Intel to accurately update your schedule and track your Cancellations & No-Shows metrics. This provides visibility in areas that can be improved upon or even allows you to identify trends in the data!

Refer to the following article to learn more about Cancellations & No-Shows Metrics in Dental Intel:

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