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Fuse: Breaking Appointments

This article will go over the steps to break appointments in Fuse so Dental Intelligence can accurately track Cancellations and No Shows

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When you Unschedule an appointment in Fuse, this Breaks the appointment so Dental Intelligence can reflect the data for Cancellations and No-Shows. Here's how this is tracked:

In the process of Unscheduling an appointment, there will be 3 options for the Reason:

  • Cancelled

  • Missed

  • Other

When the Unscheduling process is complete, Dental Intelligence will automatically categorize the status based on when the appointment was broken, regardless of the reason you selected in Fuse.

  • Dental Intelligence considers a Cancelled appointment as any appointment broken before the 24 hour window of the appointment

  • A No-Show is considered as an appointment broken within the 24 hour window of the appointment

How to Break an Appointment in Fuse

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Appointment

  2. Select the drop down at the top of the Appointment

  3. Here you can categorize the appointment. Scroll to the bottom of the listed options

  4. Click Unschedule

  5. This will pull up the tab to Reschedule the appointment

  6. Select the applicable Reason for rescheduling; Cancelled, Missed, or Other

  7. Leave a note if needed

  8. Click Reschedule Later

And you're done! This will mark the appointment as Broken and Dental Intelligence will reflect the data accordingly.

Breaking appointments through this process allows Dental Intelligence to accurately update your schedule and track your Cancellations & No-Shows metrics. This provides visibility in areas that can be improved upon or even allows you to identify trends in the data!

Refer to the following article to learn more about Cancellations & No-Shows Metrics in Dental Intelligence:

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