Fuse: How are Hygiene Appointments Categorized?

This article will discuss how Analytics categorizes Hygiene Appointments according to what is entered in Fuse

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Dental Intelligence Analytics calculates many of its metrics based upon whether patients are coming in to be seen for Restorative work, Hygiene, or "Misc" (Miscellaneous). To determine this, for all of the Practice Management Systems that we work with, we begin by looking at the procedure codes on that appointment. We have gone through with teams of dentists and determined what codes should be considered as "Hygiene codes" and categorize an appointment as type "Hygiene" in Analytics. These codes include D1110, D1120, D4341, D4342, D4346, and D4910.

In Fuse, there is also another way to consider an appointment to be a "Hygiene appointment". If we cannot find any codes that would categorize that appointment as Restorative or Hygiene, we will then look at the way that appointment type is categorized inside Fuse. In Practice Settings > Under Schedule > Appointment Types, every appointment type is considered as being either performed by the dentist, or the hygienist. If you have that appointment type selected as performed by hygienist, we will default appointments of that type to be Hygiene appointments:


Why does the hygiene due date not match the preventive care due in Fuse?

Analytics is pulling the hygiene due date from Preventive Care settings found here in Fuse:


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