Engagement: How are Hygiene Appointments Categorized?

This article will discuss how Hygiene Appointments are identified in Engagement [Modento] according to your Practice Management Software

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Engagement does NOT use ADA codes to categorize appointment types. Each Practice Management Software has a different criteria that defines the type of appointment (Dentrix, Eaglesoft or OpenDental). Refer to the section according to the Practice Management Software you use!


Engagement will check for the Appointment Description for hygiene appointments.

Examples: ProphyAd, ProphyCh, FluoridCh


Engagement will check for the listed Appointment Type.

Examples: Prophy Adult, Prophy-Child, Perio SRP, Prophy Appointment, Prophy/Regular Appointment

Open Dental

Engagement will check for the Abbreviated Description that appears on the appointment when viewing it from the schedule.

Examples: Pro, ProA, Pro Ad, ProphyAd, ProC, ProChild, ProphyCh, PrSclRtPl, SRP, PerMaint, PMain, PerioMaint

How Can I Tell if a Patient is Scheduled for Hygiene When Looking in Engagement?

In the Patients tab in Engagement you will see a Hygiene Scheduled column. If you see a red X, this means we do not recognize a future scheduled hygiene appointment, if there is a green Check Mark, Engagement recognizes a future scheduled hygiene appointment:

If a patients' Hygiene Scheduled status appears to be incorrect and is showing as unscheduled, this means the criteria will need to be updated to reflect this data accurately. Send a chat or email to support with your list of codes and they can get those added in for you!

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