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Schedule: Viewing by Day, Week, and Month
Schedule: Viewing by Day, Week, and Month

This article will discuss the Schedule feature in the Analytics module.

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The Dental Intelligence Schedule is an excellent way to find gaps in your schedule and prepare for upcoming appointments. This helpful tool will answer all your scheduling questions in minutes. Watch this short video to learn more:

The Dental Intelligence Schedule:

To access the morning huddle, hover over the Schedule Tab and select either Day View, Week View, or Month View

In the Day View we will provide a summary of each provider's schedule. This includes the number of appointments, the number of clinical hours, the scheduled production, this is then compared to the providers daily production goal, and the dollar value of unscheduled treatment according to the patient's treatment plans in the providers schedule:

When you click into an individual provider, we will show the schedule in chronological order for the times they are scheduled. We will include the time of the appointment, the patient's name, additional appointment information (attached ADA codes, other potential images that could be completed, and the confirmation status). And finally, we will identify all important opportunities to maximize the patient's value, including, unscheduled treatment, unscheduled family members, the existing A/R balance and whether they are scheduled for a future hygiene appointment:

You can click into each of these metrics and we will pull up the patient card with the correlating information:

The schedule will also show Open Time. When you click into this, a list of unscheduled patients specific to that provider will populate:

This list is established based on the following Criteria:

  • Reimbursement rates

  • A.R. Balances - avoiding patients who owe you money

  • Unscheduled Treatment - potential production & are in need of care

  • Treatment Acceptance Percentage - are historically likely to accept treatment

  • Show Rate - avoiding patients who no show or cancel

  • Patient Preferred Day Of Week - identifying patients who historically have scheduled appointments on that correlating day

You can also view the schedule in the Operatory View by selecting the Schedule by Operatory button. Here you will see the open chairs and where patient appointments are scheduled. You can hover over or click into each patient to view their patient card and statistics:

To adjust the order of the Operatories, refer to this article.

In the Week View we will summarize total scheduled production for the provider on each day compared to the set provider goal. You can change the date range by selecting the calendar in the top right hand corner, then click into each day to view more specific data and the schedule:

In the Month View we will show a scheduled production total for the whole practice on each day. Click into each day to view the daily schedule view for each individual provider. You can change the date range by clicking the calendar in the top right hand corner:

The Schedule View is also Available in the Morning Huddle tool, this will keep your practice up to date always, with no downtime and an efficient practice.
โ€‹For more helpful information on the Morning Huddle Schedule, check this article out.

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