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Follow Up Tasks: Push Notes into My Practice Management Software
Follow Up Tasks: Push Notes into My Practice Management Software

Learn how to enable the Analytics Follow Up Tasks notes to be written back into your Practice Software

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Your Analytics Follow Up Tasks notes can be written back and stored in your practice management software! This means no more double entry or having to jump between two platforms--just one unbelievably proactive system that helps you fill your schedule with ease and retain those hard earned patients.

To see where Follow Up Tasks are stored in your respective practice management software, choose the software type below to learn more:

Please note: Follow Up Tasks notes are not able to be pushed into Fuse at this time.

Enable Follow Ups Push Notes

If you do not see Settings as an option you most likely do not have permission to view this feature. One of your admin team members will need to enable this permission for you or follow these steps to enable follow ups with their personal log in.

  1. Access Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Click on Follow Up Tasks, then click the Push Notes button

  3. Click the toggle next to the Follow Up Notes Sync setting to turn the setting on or off (green indicates that it is ON). Click Save at the bottom right hand corner to apply your changes

  4. Now, the next time you leave a Follow Up Note, it will write back to your PMS

Important: Patient Card Notes are not be written back into your practice management software.

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