Before you begin make sure that the provider has been added and set up in your practice management software!

Adding a new provider in LocalMed is quick and easy! Just follow these 7 steps:


First, open up the LocalMed portal and go to the Practice Overview page.

At the top of the right side of the page is the actions menu:

Click on "Add Provider"

This will open up the add provider page:

Enter the first and last name of the provider, this information will only appear in the LocalMed portal.

Enter the name you would like for patients to see while scheduling in the display name box.

Select the providers gender and click next to move onto the next step!

On this page you can also enter the providers NPI (if applicable) and upload a photo for patients to see while scheduling, however, these are not required!

The next step is to set up the provider's specialties:


You can check off any specialities that describe the provider. If you aren't seeing a title you are looking for try clicking "Load More" to see more options!

Click next to move on!


The next step is to select the offices the provider works at:

You will see a list of all offices currently setup for your practice in LocalMed, select all the locations that this provider can be scheduled at.


Now we will link the provider with their profile in your practice management software:

Select the proper profile that you have created in your practice management software and hit next!


On the next step we will be connecting the provider to the correct operatories:

Select any operatories that you want this provider to be scheduled in.

If the provider only works certain ops on specific days of the week you can select just those boxes!

Any op/day that is not selected will not be available for scheduling for this provider.


Finally we will select what appointment types can be scheduled with this provider:

You will see a list of all appointment types currently set up in LocalMed.

First choose all new patient appointment types that can be scheduled with this provider.

Then select returning in the top right of the box and select all returning patient appointment types that can be scheduled with this provider.

Hit the "Next" button when you are finished.


Almost done! All you have left is to confirm that the information you have selected is correct:

If anything looks wrong click on the edit button to the right of the inaccuracy to change it.

If everything looks right then click the "Add Provider" button.

You will now see a loading sequence ending with the following screen:

If you are given an error after the loading sequence check if the provider was created before trying to make the profile again!

Congrats! You're finished!

The provider has now been added to LocalMed and will be available for online scheduling!

If you would like to add a default reason for visit for this provider then follow these extra couple of steps:


On the bottom of the practice overview page you will see a list of all your providers.

Click the gear Icon:


Then select "Schedule Settings":

On this page you will be able to select a default reason for visit as well as make any changes to the information you just chose for the provider!


Select the default reason for visit on the drop down box and press "Save Changes"

Now when patients select this provider to schedule an appointment this reason for visit will be automatically selected until they choose another one!

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