There are a number of parameters a patient must meet to appear on the Payments to Request list in di Payments. This article will help you determine which patients should or should not appear on the list.

Patients will only appear on the Payments to Request list according to the parameters that you have selected in the Payments settings.

From the Payment Settings, scroll down and click on “Collecting a Payment” at the bottom.

Here you can see what the AR balance and minimum balance settings are. You can set the patient’s portion of estimated AR to either be Current (less than 30 days) or Over 30 days. You can also adjust the minimum balance to be either $15, $25, $50, $100,$150, $200, or $250.

Dental Intel will put patients on the Payments to Request list based off of these two parameters.

If a patient still isn’t showing up, it could be because of one or more of the follow reasons:

  • The patient is on a payment plan in the PMS.

To see if a patient is on a payment plan, check the PMS.

  • The patient is not the guarantor.

To see if a patient is the guarantor, look up their patient card in Dental Intel. If they are the guarantor, there will be a green circle with a G in it attached to their initials’ circle. To view which family member is the guarantor, you can click on the “Family” tab, to see all members of the family.

  • The patient is currently snoozed in Payments.

If a patient is snoozed, this means that a user clicked the snooze button. The snooze button is the one that looks like an alarm clock.

If you go to the Payments to Request list, you will see this button to the far left:

At the top right, you can click “Snoozed” to see all patients that have been snoozed. If you would like to put them back on the Payments to Request list, click the X on the far right.

  • The patient has the Do Not Recall banner in DI.

The Do Not Recall banner will appear for different reasons depending on which Practice Management Software you use. This article explains how to see why the banner is showing up. In order to remove the Do Not Recall banner, you would need to edit the corresponding section within your PMS for that patient.

  • The patient is already in an active DI payments campaign.

You can check to see if a patient is in a current DI payments campaign by checking the Payments Requested list on the Payments dashboard.

Patients that are still in an active campaign will have three dots next to their name under the Actions column. If you click on these dots, you can then select “Remove from campaign.” Patients will not reappear on the list until after they have completed or been removed from their campaign and completed another visit.

  • The patient has had another DI payments campaign since the time of their most recent visit.

To check and see if a patient has recently had a DI payments campaign, you can check their Activity on their patient card. Payments messages will be green and say Payments Requested.

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