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Engagement: Medical Alerts & Health History Mapping
Engagement: Medical Alerts & Health History Mapping

Learn how to map the alerts from your Health History form and add medical alerts to your Practice Management Software

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By default, Engagement will pull all existing Medical Alerts that are added to your Practice Management Software, as well as give you the option to Auto Map these alerts to the questions in your existing Health History forms.

Important note: Changes to your Health History forms must be submitted to Dental Intelligence Support for assistance to ensure that medical alerts are not impacted.

In this article, you'll learn:

Watch the short video below to learn how to start setting up auto mapping in Engagement:

How to Create Medical Alerts in your Practice Management Software

We recommend you reach out to your Practice Management Software support team to ensure you can complete this process successfully. We've included some helpful links below to get you started:

Note: In order for Engagement to map alerts to Dentrix, the alert must exist within your Dentrix Software.

Note: The Engagement Health History form will push through the Medical Alerts into Eaglesoft and provide alerts automatically. However, the Health History Form will not update into the Patient Information if you have made any customizations to the Eaglesoft health history. If you would like the Medical Alerts & Health History Form to automatically update when completed through Engagement, we recommend you reach out to our Support team to discuss the process of uploading your existing Eaglesoft Health History form into Engagement.

Note: Medical Alerts can be created within the Engagement Health History form if it does not already exist in your Practice Management Software. If a selection is made in the health history form that does not already exist in Open Dental, Engagement [Modento] will create and push this through automatically. This can be enabled by following the steps listed below in the How to Auto Map Medical Alerts section.

Note: After you have added the alerts in your Practice Management Software, you will see the changes appear in Engagement the following day when the overnight sync has completed. If you need to see the alert immediately, you can reach out to our support team to push through a sync.

How to Auto Map Medical Alerts in Engagement

Once you have added the new Medical Alerts in your Practice Management Software and the overnight sync has been completed in Engagement, follow the Auto Map process outlined below.

In order to edit Forms in Engagement, you must be an Admin user. If you are an Admin user and don't see the Edit pencil icon, please contact Support for assistance.

  1. Click on your Engagement Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner

  2. Select the Forms tab

  3. Scroll down and click the Edit Mapping button under the Alerts Mapping section

  4. Select the Auto Mapping button (it may take a few minutes to process the request)

    1. If you have Open Dental, as you select the Auto Map button, you will see a pop-up notification that provides the option to enable a Create Missing Alerts in PMS check box. This will allow Engagement [Modento] to create any alerts that do not yet exist in Open Dental

Once your request has been processed, we recommend you go through each section and ensure the selections for the alerts are accurate.

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