Engagement [Modento] integrates with Mango Voice to trigger screen pops when someone calls into your office. Follow the instructions below to complete the
integration. If you are interested in using screen pops but are using a VolP
service that is NOT Mango, please follow the instructions here instead.

Enabling Mango Integration

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Log in to your Mango Admin Panel

  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab on the left sidebar.

  3. On the Integrations list, look for the Engagement [Modento] integration and click the blue Learn More button

  4. Click the Status toggle button to switch it to On. In the Remote ID field,
    provide your Remote ID from Engagement [Modento] (if you need help finding your
    Remote ID, it is highlighted in purple in Step 5 below). Click Update

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If your Remote ID contains an underscore, please
    replace it with uppercase letter U, as Mango Remote ID will not read
    underscores. For example, if your Remote ID is demo brilliant, you will
    need to enter demoUbrilliant

  5. Go back to your Engagement [Modento] dashboard and navigate to Settings>Practice
    Setup>Screen Pops
    (highlighted in yellow below). Check the box next to
    Mango Screen Pops (highlighted in red below) to enable your screen pops

  6. Lastly, you will need to denote which of your Engagement [Modento] users should receive screen pops. Navigate to Settings>Users. On each user that should receive screen pops, you will need to click Edit and then scroll down to the field
    that says Extension number for Screen Pops. Enter the specific extension
    that user should receive screen pops for, or simply put an asterisk (*) if they
    should receive screen pops for all calls

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