We are excited to announce that effective August 1, 2022 we have a new low flat rate pricing for Payments of 2.59%.

For this low flat rate of 2.59% you get the following features:

  • We do the work for you by identifying patients with past due balances

  • You can customize your workflow by deciding which outstanding balances are of the highest priority and create customer parameters to find them

  • We give you the ability to send individual or bulk text messages and emails

  • We accept flexible payment options including Apple Pay, HSA, debit, and major credit cards

  • You get paid, on average 12 days faster than offices that don't use DI Payments

  • Payments are written back into your practice management software

  • Your patients can use a link to pay their balance online in just a few clicks. No apps or accounts needed

  • The built-in Virtual Terminal allows you to accept payments in your dental office or over the phone

To learn more about your Analytics Payments monthly statement click here.

Click the button below to learn how to best utilize your Analytics Payments features:

*If you are looking for information on our payments solution in our Engagement module click here.

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