Engagement: Creating Consents
This article will include the steps to create a new Consent in Engagement [Modento].
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In order to add personalized Consents in Engagement [Modento], you will need to have the Forms and Consents Editor setting enabled. This can be turned on by reaching out to our support team. Once this is enabled you will be able to complete the following steps to create new Consents

How to Create Consents from Scratch

  1. Access the Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Select the Consents tab

  3. Click on the Create a New Consent button

  4. Fill out the Name, Category, and Sub Category fields

  5. Select the Create button

  6. Select the Pencil Icon to edit

  7. Select a Page and click into the content

  8. To edit any category, select the text line or text box

  9. Type content, use the top menu to adjust formatting, and Insert Placeholders as needed

  10. Use the Plus Sign (+) to add new fields and formatted questions

  11. Click the Hide or Delete to remove content from patient view

  12. Select Publish at the top right hand side of your screen when changes are complete

For more information about Placeholders, view our Adding Placeholders article:

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