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This article will include information about sending mass communication using the Engagement [Modento] Bulk Action tool.
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Bulk Action through Engagement [Modento] will allow you to send emails, texts, voicemails, review requests, forms/consents, and more! Here is a short video that explains how to send a mass message:

πŸ’₯NoteπŸ’₯: Engagement [Modento] does have set limits for Texts and Emails that are sent in Bulk

Texts: 250 per hour for Bulk Messaging.

  • Quick tip: If your filtered list exceeds 250 patients, try using the age filter to reduce the size of your list.

Emails: 15,000 per hour for Bulk Messaging

*This is part of the Engagement Module. If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to request a demo!

How to use Bulk Action

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Patients tab

  2. Apply needed filters to patients by using the Filter Columns, or the pre-made Engagement [Modento] Filters found in the top right hand corner.

  3. Select the Top Left Check Box next to Bulk Action to select all patients.

  4. Click the Bulk Action Drop Down Menu

  5. Select action from listed options.

    1. You can tag patients in bulk as well. Click here to learn more.

You can save patient lists into your filters library for easy reference. Learn more here:

To learn more about how to create email, text message, and social media templates, click here:

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