Engagement [Modento] provides you with an Online Appointment Request Link, that can be enabled in your Settings. This will enable a link that can be sent out to patients & allow them to request an appointment for your available times according to your Practice Management Software. This will help to simplify the scheduling process for patients and save time when reaching out to unscheduled patients.

Sending the Online Appointment Request Link

Patient Experience

Completed Online Appointment Request Form Notification

Your Online Appointment Request link will already be enabled by default, this is accessible through the following steps.

Sending the Online Appointment Request Link

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Settings

  2. Select the Services Tab & click into Resources

  3. Copy the Online Appointment Request Link

  4. You can paste this into a Template to use for quick loading messages in patient chats

    1. Refer to this article to learn how to utilize and create templates: Engagement [Modento] Templates

  5. Or create a new message by accessing the Patient's 3 Dot Menu

  6. Hover over Communication

  7. Select Send a Direct Message

  8. Here you can add Text, Templates or Placeholders as needed

  9. Paste the link or select the Template that you have added the link to

  10. Click Send

Patient Experience:

Completed Online Appointment Requests Form Notification:

Once the patient has filled out this form and submitted the request, you will be notified in the Engagement [Modento] Inbox with the details that were included by the patient:

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