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Engagement: Newsletter Templates (Legacy Version)
Engagement: Newsletter Templates (Legacy Version)

Learn about customizing pre-written Newsletter templates in Engagement

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Newsletters are a great way to communicate and connect with your patients on a monthly basis. Newsletters are pre-made written templates that include informational and engaging content regarding dentistry (ie, a Dental Dad Joke, Staff Spotlight, etc). Monthly Newsletter Templates are made available in the beginning of each new month so that you can send them in a timely manner.

As a part of our March 2024 release, we've completely revitalized our Email Campaign Template feature into a completely customizable and easy-to-use template builder. The legacy version of Email Campaign Newsletter Templates will no longer be updated.

Check out our resources below to learn more:

Watch this short video to learn more about accessing and customizing Engagement Newsletter Templates:

Customizing Newsletters

  1. Access Engagement Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Click into the Templates tab and choose the Email campaigns section. In the Engagement library, locate the Newsletters drop down menu to view all existing Newsletters

  3. Click the Eye icon to preview or Click the Copy button to create a customizable copy

  4. Edit the Newsletter as needed, then click Save

  5. These customized Newsletters will be stored in the Custom Templates section, here you can select the 3 Dot Menu and select Edit to continue customizing

  6. When editing be sure to add your Staff Spotlight!

  7. Click Save when you are done!

Sending Newsletters in Bulk

  1. Access the Patients tab in the left side menu of Engagement

  2. Select the top left Check Box to select all patients, then click the Bulk Action drop down menu and select Send Formatted Email

  3. Click the Templates drop down menu and then hover over Newsletter. The newsletters you have customized will show

  4. Select the Newsletter you would like to send and customize as needed, then click Send

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