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Engagement: Email Campaign Templates (Legacy Version)
Engagement: Email Campaign Templates (Legacy Version)

Learn how to create and edit Email Campaign Templates that can be used for newsletters, office updates, etc.

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As a part of our March 2024 release, we've completely revitalized our Email Campaign Template feature into a completely customizable and easy-to-use template builder. The legacy version of Email Campaign Templates will no longer be updated.

Check out our resources below to learn more:

Reaching out to your patients through email is a useful way to stay in touch and provide valuable information and updates. In this article, you'll learn how to:

Email Campaign in Engagement will allow you to send quick load emails to patients individually or in bulk. Here is a short video discussing how to create and customize Email Campaign Templates:

Preview and Customize Email Templates

  1. Access Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Go to the Templates tab

  3. Access Email Campaigns

  4. Select the Down Arrow to view the existing templates

  5. Select the Eye icon to preview

  6. Click Copy to Custom in the template preview to create a copy and update the template

  7. Or select the Copy icon from the Down Arrow menu to create a copy and customize

  8. Adjust formatting with the Menu Bar in the content field, add Images, and Placeholders. For more information about Placeholders, click here

  9. Click Save when custom template is complete

Create New Email Templates

To create a template from scratch follow these steps:

  1. Above the Custom list, select Create New

  2. Select Category

    1. Note: This is only used to categorize templates for your reference.

  3. Add a Title for the email template (only visible to your staff)

  4. Enter in a Subject for the Subject Line of the email

  5. Click Create

  6. Once you have created this template, it will appear in your Custom column. You can Edit or Archive these by selecting the Three Dot Menu

Add Call to Action Button within Template

  1. Select the Copy icon from the Down Arrow menu

  2. In the menu bar, find the Call to Action button

  3. Customize the Button Text

  4. Select the Type

    1. Get Lead: With this option, you can send out an email campaign offering a discount for whitening treatments or other services. When presented with a Get Lead button, patients can click on the button to notify the practice they are interested in that offer. The practice will also receive a notification in the Inbox letting them know a patient is interested as a Marketing notification.

    2. Open Link: With the Open Link option, practices can create an action button to have patients click on a link.

  5. Enter the URL (or link) that will be integrated into the button

    • Common use cases include:

      • Online Scheduling

      • Patient Education Videos

      • Office website

      • Google page for address/ office information

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