Tracking email marketing campaigns in a dental practice can provide valuable insights into the success and impact of marketing efforts, allowing the practice to make data-driven decisions and optimize future campaigns for improved results.

Email Campaigns

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Email Campaigns tab

  2. Use the Sent filter to populate information

  3. Click on the number under the Target filter to see a list of all patients that were included in the list

    1. Note: When sending a bulk message, Engagement will ignore certain targeted patients from receiving messages if they fall into any of these categories:

      • Patient is inactive

      • Patient is from another clinic

      • Patient does not have an email/phone number

      • Patient is opted out of messaging

      • Patient has the same email as another patient

      • Engagement will only send one message per family group. This is usually the guarantor that will receive the campaign message.

  4. Click on the Status to filter by emails that were Sent, Cancelled, or Scheduled

  5. To cancel the email before the scheduled time, select Cancel on the righthand side

Sending a Scheduled Email

Step By Step Instructions:

In the Patients page, send a Formatted Email using a Bulk Action. Engagement offers Formatted Emails Templates that make it easy to keep your patients informed via email. You can quickly send polished emails to individuals or groups of patients, helping you stay connected and provide updates with ease.

  1. Select the Formatted Email Template that you would like to send out

  2. Select Schedule for Future

  3. Select the Date & Time for the email to be sent out

  4. When you click Send, you will be asked to confirm that the scheduled message has the intended recipients

To learn how to keep track of all scheduled messages, click here.

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