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Engagement: How to Update to the New Email Campaign Template Builder
Engagement: How to Update to the New Email Campaign Template Builder

Learn how to update your Engagement account to begin using the new dynamic Email Campaign Template Builder

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As a part of our March 2024 release, we've completely revitalized our Email Campaign Template feature into a completely customizable and easy-to-use template builder.

Previously, email templates were tucked away in Engagement Settings. With this new update, email templates will now be available from the Email Campaigns dashboard in the left side menu.

Before you update

Before you update to the new Email Campaign Template Builder, you need to copy your previously customized email templates.

Activate the new Template Builder

Important note: Only admin users can activate this new feature. Please keep in mind, once this feature is activated, your old templates will vanish unless you have saved them externally.

Once you've copied all your old templates, click on the activate button in your Engagement header:

Navigate the new Template Builder

Once you've activated this update, all users will create email templates from the Email Campaigns Templates dashboard in the left side menu of Engagement (no longer in Engagement Settings). New pre-designed templates created by the Dental Intelligence marketing team are also available in the Templates Gallery.

Check out our available resources on the new Email Campaigns Template Builder:

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