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Engagement: How to Use Wisetack
Engagement: How to Use Wisetack

This article will discuss how to send a Wisetack Financing Offer & Wisetack Payment Option through Engagement [Modento]

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Now that your Wisetack account has been registered and enabled, you are ready to start sending Financing Offers and Payment Options to your patients!

In Engagement [Modento], you have the ability to send Wisetack Prequalification and Financing Application Links. Prequalification allows patients to see how much they’re approved for without impacting their credit score, and review their options in advance of making a decision. Receive Wisetack notifications directly to your inbox letting you know the status of their application.

In addition to this you can include a Wisetack Payment Option with Treatment Plans when sent through Engagement [Modento]! This way, your patients will have additional financing options to pay for their needed treatment. Watch the short video below to learn how to get started!

How to Send a Wisetack Financing Offer with Engagement

  1. Access the Three Dot Menu next to the Patient's name

  2. Hover over the Communications option

  3. Click Send Financing Offer

  4. This will provide the option to send either a Prequalification Link or a Financing Application Link

    1. The Prequalification link allows the patient to see how much financing they can qualify for without impacting their credit score, and review their financing options in advance of making a decision.

    2. Financing Application Link will let the patient complete the financing application and pay over time for treatment. A patient can check their financing options without impacting their credit score.

      1. When selecting the Financing Application link, choose between:

        1. Sending a New Application

        2. Or, resending a previously sent application for them to finish completing

  5. Select the delivery channel preference

  6. Click Send

How to Send a Wisetack Payment Option with a Treatment Plan

  1. Access the Three Dot Menu next to the Patient's name

  2. Hover over the Forms option

  3. Select Prepare a Treatment Plan

  4. Here you can select an existing treatment plan in the Select Treatment Plan drop down, or import an image of the treatment plan from your Practice Management Software. For more information on preparing a treatment plan in Engagement [Modento], click here

  5. Once you have selected the treatment plan, you will see the cost of the treatment autofill (make sure the amount entered is correct, if not, make adjustments). If this amount is between $500 - $15,000 you will see Wisetack appear as a Payment Option

    1. The Wisetack Payment option can not be removed due to compliance with Wisetack

  6. Click the Select Payment Options drop down to add more payment options if needed. To learn how to add customized payment options, click here

Wisetack Pre-Approval with Online Scheduling

If your office has an established contract with Wisetack, the online scheduling system will feature a checkbox during the appointment confirmation process. Upon checking this box, patients will receive a pre-qualification link. It is important to note that if your office has not integrated with Wisetack, this option will not be available to patients.

Wisetack Inbox Notifications

You will receive Wisetack notifications in your Engagement inbox, letting you know when patients have:

  • Signed a treatment plan with Wisetack as a payment option

  • Completed their applications

  • Funds for their treatment has been released

You can also use the Financing filter to quickly find and filter these types of incoming messages.

Interested in learning more about Wisetack? Check out our webinar!

Disclosure: All financing is subject to credit approval. Consumer terms may vary. Payment options through Wisetack are provided by our lending partners. For example, a $1,000 purchase could cost $45.18 a month for 24 months, based on a 7.9% APR, or $333.33 a month for 3 months, based on a 0% APR. See additional terms at

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