If you are a part of a DSO (Dental Service Organization) or Group Dentistry office, using Engagement [Modento]'s Online Scheduling, you will now be able to connect Group Service Types if you have multiple locations! Doing this will enable you and your team to send scheduling links that allow patients to choose from multiple locations when scheduling specific service types

Refer to the following article to learn how to connect your Group Service Types and get more patients scheduled.

šŸ’„Important NotešŸ’„: Engagement [Modento] Online Scheduling is a Premium Add On. If you have not already added this feature, this will not be enabled in your settings. If you would like to add Online Scheduling, reach out to our support team or your Account Manager to begin this process

How to Connect Group Service Types

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access your Engagement [Modento] Settings

  2. Click into Practice Setup

  3. Open the Online Scheduling section

  4. Click into the Group Service Types tab

  5. Select the Match Service Types button

  6. This will require you to fill out the following fields

    1. Service Name

    2. Description of the service

    3. Once those fields are entered, Engagement [Modento] will automatically identify which practices have this service type available. You can also manually select the service type from the specific locations you would like to match.

  7. Click Create

Now that you've connected your Group Service Types, you can start sending invitations to schedule and create Custom Online Scheduling Links to add to automated messages or to your website!

How to Send an Invite to Schedule for a Group Service Type

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the three dot menu next to the patient's name

  2. Hover over Communication

  3. Select the Invite to Schedule option

  4. In the tab that opens, select the applicable locations the patient can schedule with, this will populate the available service types for those offices

  5. Providers will not be able to be selected as it will automatically show the available providers for those service types for each individual office

  6. Set the Earliest Time to Schedule

  7. Choose the Delivery Channel Preference

  8. Click Send Invite

Custom Online Scheduling Links

In Engagement [Modento], you can now create a Custom Online Scheduling Link that allows you to send scheduling links for specific procedures to individual patients. To learn how to create and send Custom Online Scheduling Link, click here.

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