Dental Intelligence Product Roadmap

Review our roadmap strategy and learn how to submit feature requests

Written by Jolynn Marcum
Updated over a week ago

As a Dental Intelligence customer, your feedback and suggestions are important to us. We build our product development roadmap based on three main areas:

  • Market Trends

  • Company Strategy

  • Customer Feedback

These areas allow us to look ahead on where the market is going so we can innovate, and continue to solve for the problems and needs of our customers. Your feature requests will be reviewed by our product team and considered along with market trends and company strategy.

Submit Product Feedback or Ideas

If you have a product feedback or a suggestion, please submit those to us at

Product Updates and Releases

To keep you informed about the latest product updates and releases, we send a monthly customer newsletter, The Intelligent Practice, on the second Tuesday of every month. Click here to subscribe. In this newsletter we will highlight the latest feature releases and give you a preview of features that will be coming soon!

If you missed the newsletter you can find the the latest product releases in Additional Resources, under the Product Updates section.

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