Engagement: Set Up Office Hours and Enable After Hours Handling

Learn how to set up your practice hours in Engagement and enable after hours auto-responses so that your patients are always in the know

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Adding your practice's hours of operation is a critical set-up step that ensures your online scheduling availability is accurate, LiveOps operatories remain current, and provides greater visibility to patients utilizing the Modento mobile app.

For times when your practice isn't open, you can setup an automatic response message that patients messaging your practice after hours will receive, alerting them that you aren't currently open but will be in touch soon.

Read on below to learn how to add your office hours and enable an automatic responder!

Helpful Tip: While you're working in Engagement Practice Setup, be sure to double check your general practice information. It is important that your office email and office phone number are entered and are accurate.

Add Office Hours

  1. Navigate to Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner

  2. Select Practice Setup, then click Practice Info

  3. Scroll down to Office Hours

  4. On days that you are open, select the bubble next to Open, then add your business hours

  5. If there are times during the day that require the office to be "closed" for lunch or breaks, click the Add break time button for each day that is affected and add the break start and end time (Note: You can add multiple break times on the same day if necessary)

  6. On days of the week that your office is not open for operation, select the Closed bubble

    Enable After Hours Auto-Responder

  7. Now that your office hours have been added, it's time to setup your after-hours responder. Click the checkbox to enable the after-hours auto responder

  8. If you would like to receive an email notification every time a patient sends an after-hours message, select the checkbox

  9. Click the blue Save button to apply your office hours and after-hours handling changes

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