Analytics DSO: Enterprise Reporting

This article will explain how to access and use Analytics' DSO and Enterprise reporting.

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If you are part of a DSO, or Dental Support Organization, accessing reports through Dental Intelligence Analytics has never been easier!

Using these reports will leave less room for human error, help you predict your practice's data high and low points, and give you access to easy-to-read data at the click of a button.

These reports were recently improved and reorganized to make your navigation between reports easier. If you would like to see where reports have been moved to click here for this Navigation Changes overview.

How to Use DSO Reports

  1. Access the pie chart icon

    1. Note: If you have a multiple location practice and do not see this icon in your menu, please reach out to the support team to have it enabled.

  2. Select the desired report from the drop down menu

  3. Once you have accessed the report you would like to read, select the desired date range

To export data, click on the three dot menu on the upper righthand corner and select Export Data from the drop down menu.

*This is part of the Analytics Module. If you are interested in learning more, CLICK HERE to request a demo!

Included Reports

All of these reports are designed to give you a high level overview of areas of interest that will ultimately benefit your practice. From there, you can easily identify areas of improvement and opportunity.

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