Keeping up with every patient’s individual needs can be overwhelming in a busy dental practice. Engagement patient cards were created so you and your team can easily have access to all patient information in one spot.

You can use Engagement’s patient card to see patient contact information, prepare forms and consents, send treatment plans, track communications, collect past-due balances, and so much more!

Here is a short video that gives an in-depth explanation to the Patient Card:

Accessing The Patient Card

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Patients tab

  2. Access the Patient Card by clicking directly on the patient's name

  3. The Patient Card can also be accessed by clicking on the Three Dot Menu

  4. Select Patient Card

Patient Card Settings

In the Patient Card settings, you will be able to adjust family settings, communication preferences, and sync the patient with your practice management software.

To access the patient card settings, click on the Gear Icon on the upper righthand corner.

Here, in the Family Settings, you will see all of the patient's family members as they are recorded in the family file in your practice management software.

  • For more information on managing family settings, click here.

Communication Preferences will allow you to opt the patient out of specific delivery channels, appointment reminders, and and review requests.

In the Patient Chart tab, you can push a patient sync with your practice management software. This is commonly used when any patient demographic changes (name, phone, email) are made.

If changes to patient appointments are made in your practice management software, Engagement will automatically update those changes overnight. However, if a last minute change is made, you will need to click the sync patient.

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