Engagement: Issuing Payment Receipts

Learn how to issue electronic receipts automatically and manually in Engagement, or print them directly from the Clearent portal

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Payment and refund receipts are essential records of financial transactions, providing evidence of payment amount, date, and purpose. They are important for both your practice and individuals to stay organized and keep track of finances.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

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Enable Automatic Electronic Receipts

All OpenDenta, Eaglesoft, and Dentrix users can toggle their Engagement Payments settings to automatically send payment and refund receipts to patients via email whenever a payment is made or refund is issued. The default setting for this option is toggled to On.

Send an Emailed Receipt or Download a PDF Copy

  1. Access the Payments tab

  2. From the Transactions tab, choose the transaction that you would like to send a receipt for

  3. Hover over Payment Receipt, then click Send Copy to send the patient an emailed receipt, or click Download PDF to download a PDF copy for printing

    1. If sending an emailed receipt copy: Confirm that the email address for the patient is correct and select Confirm to send the receipt.

      Note: To update the patient's email address, you can do so in your practice management software. Once updated, syncing your patient is required. Click here to learn how to run a patient sync.

Print a Receipt from the Clearent Portal

  1. Click on Transactions

  2. Select Card Transactions

  3. You can easily locate the transaction you wish to print by using custom filters or entering the last four digits of the card

  4. Click on the desired transaction

  5. Select Print/Email receipt

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