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Analytics: Correctly Categorizing "Misc" Codes
Analytics: Correctly Categorizing "Misc" Codes
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At Dental Intelligence, the meticulous categorization of codes plays a crucial role in ensuring accuracy in both production and visit type monitoring.

There are instances where custom or D9xxx codes might be mistakenly identified as "misc" in Analytics, potentially causing a ripple effect on other metrics. For example, if a patient's appointment is initially marked as "misc," but it is later determined that it should fall under a hygiene category based on your office's criteria for specific codes, our support team can swiftly address this.

Moreover, if you observe that a patient's appointment is labeled as a hygiene visit when it should be classified as restorative, our support team possesses the capability to rectify how Analytics interprets the codes.

We possess the ability to adjust both the visit type and production type associated with a specific code. Please contact a Dental Intelligence support team member for assistance with making these adjustments.

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