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Dentrix Enterprise: Dental Intelligence FAQs
Dentrix Enterprise: Dental Intelligence FAQs
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At Dental Intelligence, we'll work alongside you and your practice management software to ensure that our systems remain in sync and functioning correctly.

In this article, we'll answer:

How long does it take to install the Engagement software?

The typical time for our Installation Specialist to be on your server computer is one hour. Once the software installation is complete, an import of patient information will take place. The time to complete the import varies depending on the size of your Dentrix Enterprise database. It takes approximately 20 minutes to import 10,000 patients. If you have 300,000 patients in your database, the import will take roughly 10 hours.

How long does it take to install the Analytics software?

Due to the complexity of Dentrix Enterprise, the installation process may take several weeks. Our Installation Specialist will request a Dentrix Enterprise database backup file from you or your IT company. Once we have received this file, our Senior Software Architect will load your data into your Dental Intelligence account. Going forward, all relevant patient updates you make in your practice management system will be synced to Dental Intelligence automatically. Delays in sending this file will cause delays in your Analytics installation and configuration.

Do I need to remain logged into Dentrix Enterprise?

Yes. For customers of Engagement, Dentrix Enterprise should remain logged in with administrative credentials on the server computer. If Dentrix Enterprise is logged out, your Engagement Bridge will disconnect and information in your Engagement Dashboard will not update. This may require that you disable the automated idle log off setting within Dentrix Enterprise. If your server computer reboots or goes down due to a power failure, you will need to log back in to Dentrix Enterprise.

What should I do if I need to upgrade my Dentrix Enterprise or we get a new server?

Please contact your Onboarding Specialist, Customer Success Manager, or our Support Team to let them know of your plans to avoid any disruptions or delays. Anytime a major change is made to your server and/or to Dentrix Enterprise, software connected to Dentrix Enterprise may be affected.

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