Most of the time we find practices running reports in their PMS and not really knowing what data they are looking at or why.

The first thing you should do is validate your practice management data against a real analytics system.

Click on the links below to see how to run a report in your practice management system and validate that data for use with Dental Intel.



Open Dental


The Background

Over the years we have always wanted to create actionable information from the reports in Practice Management Systems. Further we noticed that each Dental Practice we worked with gave us different numbers from different reports without much consistency. This meant Practices were often overpaying bonuses, didn't know what their actual scheduled production or expected revenue was for next week or next month, and had no idea how many "active" patients they really had or where to go to get them back.

This is one of the main reasons Dental Intel was born!! Now, Dental Intel is a lot more than that, and takes practices and their teams far beyond to numbers to improving the production and patient care in the practice.

Think about this - Your Practice Management is great at appointments, billing, charting and treating. Have the reports in your practice management system gotten where you want to be with your dental business? That is part of the reason you signed up for Dental Intel in first place. The PMS let's you manage your clinic, Dental Intel lets you manage the business of dentistry and your relationship with your patients.

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