Patient Acceptance % is measured when a patient that has had items added to their treatment planner and schedules or has at least one of those items completed. 

You can look at your historical performance to identify what your goals should be. Typically like-providers should have the same goal.

Discover your historical Patient Acceptance % 

First, Go to the Provider Pulse

Go to the Patient Acceptance % Metric under Case

Change your time period to "Last Quarter"

Look at each providers percentage from the previous quarter. Determine at which rate they should be getting acceptance. Please remember a goal should stretch the person, it should also be attainable.
Write down a reasonable goal for the providers. 

An average benchmark for a practice to get patient acceptance is about 75%

Go enter this goal for your providers. Note, DentalAssistants may also have a patient acceptance goal.

Need a refresher on how to enter this goal for your providers? Watch the video below.

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