In Dentrix you must use the "Break" appointment function in properly track Cancellations and No-Shows. 

Dental Intel software will calculate these metrics based off the time stamp of when the appointment is Broken in your Dentrix database.

  • If the appointment is Broken within 24 hours, that will populate the No-Shows metric.

  • Any appointment Broken prior to 24 hours of the original appointment will populate the Cancellations metric.

How to properly break appointments in Dentrix:

Hint: If you remove appointments that have been broken from the Unscheduled List in Dentrix, they won't show up in the Cancellations or No Shows metrics in Dental Intelligence.

Breaking appointments through this process allows Dental Intel to accurately update your schedule and track your Cancellations & No-Shows metrics. This provides visibility in areas that can be improved upon or even allows you to identify trends in the data!

Refer to the following article to learn more about Cancellations & No-Shows Metrics in Dental Intel:

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