You're probably here because you saw that Dental Intelligence is not connected to your Practice Management need to panic!  It probably is a simple fix. Usually this just means that for one reason or another, Dental Intelligence failed to connect to your Practice Management Software. 

A few of the most likely reasons could include:

✔️ Your server computer was turned off at the time Dental Intelligence tried to sync.
✔️ Internet was down at the time of the sync.
✔️Change or Update to your Practice Management Software.

Luckily, the fix is incredibly simple! 😄

💥 Important: Most of the time, Dental Intelligence syncs from your server to perform the re-sync, you will need someone who has access to that computer! 

Steps to Re-Sync 👇

(0. If you have Dentrix, open and sign in to Office Manager on your server before following these steps)

  1. Once you are on the server computer, simply double click the Dental Intelligence icon on the desktop that looks like this:

    2. This will open the sync tool where your credentials should be auto-populated, click Sign-In:

*If your credentials do not auto-populate, call support at 801-717-2777 to receive your username and password*

    3. Now just choose which Practice Management Software you are currently using, check the box to agree to Terms and Services and click Next: ☑️

    4. This will automatically trigger the sync:

And BLAMO! 💥 You're DONE! 👊🏼

Don't worry if nothing changes right away -it will take an hour or two before your data is processed and the red banner at the top of your Dental Intelligence portal disappears.

If you run into any issues along the way or if for some reason the sync doesn't complete...feel free to reach out to our support team at 801-717-2777 and choose option 4.

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