That's right, your Dental Intelligence Follow Up notes can now be pushed back and stored in your Practice Management Software.

This means no more double entry or having to jump between two platforms. Just one unbelievably proactive system that helps you fill your schedule with ease and retain those hard earned patients.

If you're wanting to know where Follow-Ups are stored in your respective Practice Management Software, choose the guide below that best fits you:

  • OpenDental users, here's your complete guide on where notes are stored: Click Here

  • EagleSoft users, here's your complete guide on where notes are stored: Click Here

  • Dentrix users, here's your complete guide on where notes are stored: Click Here

If your Dental Intelligence sync tool is needing to be updated in order for this feature to work, follow these easy steps:

1. Hover over the Follow Ups icon on the left side navigation bar

2. Click "Patient Notes Settings"

3. This step is critical, but may not apply to your practice (If you struggle with this step, please chat into our support team)

  • If you receive a message a the top of the page that states your sync tool is out of date, you must update it in order to turn on this feature. To update this, you must go to your practice server computer and then re-download the "Dental Intelligence CloudSync" by visiting the downloads page: Click Here to visit the downloads page

  • Once you make it to the Dental Intelligence Downloads page on your practice server computer, click the "Dental Intelligence CloudSync" option. Once the download is complete, open the file and complete the steps that pop up on your computer.

4. Run the newly updated sync tool

  • Once your Sync Tool is downloaded on your server, you must open it to complete the update. To open it, simply double click on the application icon. Once you do that, you will be prompted to complete a few steps. Once the steps are completed, your sync tool will be up to date.

5. After updating and running the new Sync Tool, turn the setting on in Dental Intelligence

  • Once you update your Sync Tool, make your way back into Dental Intelligence. Once back to the original page, slide the toggle button to the 'on' position.

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