1. In the main menu, click Lists, Procedure Codes.
2. In the lower left, under Procedure Codes, click + New.

3. Complete each field listed under ‘Edit these fields for each new code’. These fields are required.
1. Procedure Code: The new code. Up to 15 numbers, letters, or symbols are allowed. All codes starting with D will be shortened to 5 characters before being included on a insurance Claim. For example, you can have two different codes for nitrous, with the difference being a letter that is added to the end of a standard D code. When sent to insurance, only the standard 5 digit code will be used.
2. Description: If this code starts with D and is billed to insurance, the description will show on the claim.
3. Abbreviation
4. Select the Category: The category this procedure code will be organized under. (Misc is most common)
5. Click Add to save the procedure code and close the window.
The new procedure code will appear in the Procedure Code List under its category.

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