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LocalMed: Adding Scheduling Blocks in Open Dental
LocalMed: Adding Scheduling Blocks in Open Dental

This article will discuss the process to add scheduling blocks / blockouts in OpenDental for accuracy in Local Med

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When you add Blockouts in Open Dental, the days / times these are added to will NOT show as available to patients who are attempting to schedule through LocalMed

Note: Adding "!!" immediately after the name of a blockout (not in the notes) tells LocalMed to ignore that the block is there

Examples of blockouts are shown below. The purple, red, and yellow blocks are blockouts:

Create a Blockout / Scheduling Block in Open Dental

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Right click in the schedule and select Add Blockout

  2. Here, you can configure the blockout time, type, and operatory the blockout goes in

  3. Click OK and it will produce a blockout similar to this one:

Blockout Cut-Copy-Paste

Refer to the OpenDental article to learn more about this topic.

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