From sending Quick Load Templates to responding to questions, addressing and monitoring patient messages has never been easier with Engagement [Modento]'s Patient Chat. Here is a short video on the Patient Chat feature:

How to Send Individual Text / Email Messages to Patients

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Patient Chat feature

  2. Search for the patient in the Search Bar

  3. Click into the Patient

  4. Select the delivery method by clicking the Text, Email or Mobile App + Push bubble

    1. If any of these options are not available, this means we do not have the contact information attached to the patient profile or they are not a mobile app user.

    2. Note: There is a 560 character limit when sending text messages.

  5. Type the message as needed

  6. Add Quick Messages or Placeholders if desired

    1. For more information on Quick Messages (a.k.a. Templates), click here

    2. For more information on Placeholders, click here

  7. Click Send

How to Assign Patient Chats

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Patient Chat feature

  2. Click into the patient chat that you would like to assign

  3. Select the Assign To button

  4. Select the team member that you would like to assign

  5. Choose the length of time the chat will be assigned to the selected team member

  6. Click Assign

How to Filter Patient Chats

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Access the Patient Chat feature

  2. Select the Filter icon above the existing chats

  3. Choose which filters to apply (Unassigned, Assigned to me, Assigned to *Team Member*)

    Note: Multiple Filters can be applied at once

  4. Click Apply

  5. You can also filter by unread chats by selecting the Unread button

Show All Communication Setting

When viewing a conversation in the Patient Chat, you will have the option to select Show All Communication. This will show all automated and manually sent messages

User's settings for Show All Communication now saves per user per device. Meaning if a user is signed into Engagement [Modento] on a computer and clicks Show All Communications, the setting will stay clicked on this computer for their log in. If the user were to sign into Engagement [Modento] on a different device, they will need to click Show All Communications on that computer to save as the default for that device. If another user were to sign in on that same computer, it will not have the check box selected default until done manually through their log in.

Note: When you receive an email in the patient chat, Engagement [Modento] autodetects signature fields on emails and prevents them from loading. This helps ensure that your dashboard stays clean and uncluttered- allowing your office to practice smarter!

To learn how to mark a patient chat as read or unread click the button below:

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