Analytics: Reset Your Password and Troubleshoot Login Issues

Unable to login to your Analytics account? Learn how to reset your password, get login assistance, and troubleshoot access

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Having difficulty logging in to Analytics? We're here to help! In this guide, we'll help you resolve the following issues:

Important note: Due to HIPAA compliance guidelines, new user invitations and reset password notifications do expire. Please be sure to accept your Analytics invitation and reset your password in a timely manner upon receiving emailed instructions to ensure account access.

Incorrect password or forgot account password

If you are experiencing an Incorrect Password error, it is likely that you are a new user but the invitation link has expired. Simply click on the Forgot Your Password? link on the Analytics login page to receive an email with reset instructions.

If you have forgotten your Analytics password, simply click on the Forgot Your Password? link on the Analytics login page to receive an email with reset instructions.

Important note: Changing your Analytics password does not impact your Engagement credentials. Your Analytics and Engagement credentials may not be same, as each Dental Intelligence account is set up independently.

  1. From the Analytics login page, click on the Forgot Your Password? link

  2. Enter the email address associated with your Analytics account

  3. You will receive a Password Reset Request email to the email address you have entered

    πŸ“Œ Important note: If you do not receive an email, it is likely because the email address you have entered is not associated with Analytics or it has gone to your spam folder. Please check your spam folder for reset instructions as well as with your administrator to ensure that you have been added as an Analytics user

  4. Enter your new password, confirm by entering it again, and then click Reset Password

  5. Once your password has been reset, return to the Analytics login page and login using your updated password

"Restricted Access" error

If you receive the Trying to Login to the Practice with Restricted Access message, you are attempting to login into a platform that is not part of your product subscription.

Important note: Your Analytics and Engagement user accounts may not use the same credentials. Ensure that you are using the correct credentials to login to each module.

Email is already associated with an existing user

If you attempt to add a user using an email address that is already associated to an Analytics account, you'll see the message below:

Choose to add them to additional locations, or return to the Team Management dashboard and search for the user by name to edit their account settings. Learn more about adding users and managing your team here.

New user didn't receive Analytics Welcome email

If you added a new user and they didn't receive a Welcome email from Analytics soon after with information about how to login and create their credentials, please check to ensure that you entered the correct email address.

If you notice that the email address for that user has been entered incorrectly, you must delete the user and start over by adding a new user.

If the email address for that user has been entered correctly, in the Active Users tab within Team Management, scroll down the the bottom of the user list and locate the Pending Account Activation section. Click on the Resend Invite button to resend the user another Welcome email.

Important note: Please be sure to check your/user spam folder for the reset password email instructions if it does not appear in the email inbox.

Click here to learn more about navigating Settings in Analytics.

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