When Forms and Consents are completed through Engagement [Modento], they will automatically write-back into your Practice Management Software. This way you don't have to print, sign, scan and shred, all day every day!

Below is information regarding where these Forms and Consents will write back depending on the Practice Management Software your office uses:

  • If you use Dentrix, Forms & Consents will upload into the Document Center.

    • Note: When Forms & Consents push into the Document Center, they will appear with a string of characters in the title/name. This behavior is expected. It prevents duplicate forms from being uploaded into your Document Center and cluttering your folders. View the example below:

💥 In order for new patient forms to be automatically added into the Dentrix Document Center, they must have a patient chart created prior to submitting any forms. 💥

  • If you use Eaglesoft, Forms & Consents will upload in SmartDocs

  • If you use Open Dental, Forms will upload into the Images

To learn more about forms and consents in Engagement [Modento], refer to the following article!

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